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I built Intuition because I wanted to help developers everywhere spend less time in meetings and on administrative tasks and more time writing code and solving problems. I'm excited to see how you use Intuition and I'd love to hear your feedback!


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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Intuition free beta period scheduled to end?
Our free beta will end on Friday, October 12. At that point, if you are on a paid plan, you will start on your 14-day trial. You may downgrade your account if you want. If you do not downgrade, you will be charged for your first month of Intuition on Friday, October 26.
After the beta period, how much do you plan to charge?
The exact dollar amount is still up in the air, although we are actively gathering information to figure out a price point where we can make money but still be affordable for smaller teams and startups.
Will there be a free plan?
Yes! We will definitely have a robust free plan. We're big believers that our tools should be used by everyone and that there should be a freemium tier of our product that can help small teams who aren't quite ready to take the plunge with the paid version.
How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account by sending an email to support@intuition.app from the email address associated with your account. If you are the owner of an organization with other members, please make sure to specify whether or not you'd like to delete that organization or change ownership of the organization.
How do I change the owner of an organization?
To change the owner of an organization you control, send an email to support@intuition.app from the email address associated with your account along with the email address associated with the account of the new owner.
How do I do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by either downgrading to a free plan from the settings page of your organization or by requesting deletion of your account.
How far back is data loaded for reports?
Currently, when you create an account, we load in the past 100 days of Git activity. During our beta, we are not actively pruning old records. If you would like to have old data removed from our systems, please send an email to support@intuition.app from the email address associated with your account along with the dates that you would like to have pruned.
Do you support any other sources for Git repositories besides Github?
We currently don't support any other sources for Git repositories. We plan on supporting Bitbucket, Gitlab, and self-hosted repositories in the future.
If I don't want to install Intuition as a GitHub app and instead choose to use OAuth, can I limit the permissions I give to Intuition?
We understand that read and write access to all of your repos may seem excessive. Unfortunately, GitHub's oauth scopes are fairly broad. If you take a second to look at the GitHub OAuth Scopes documentation, you'll see that the most fine-grained we can get is read/write access to all repository information via the "repo" scope. We encourage all users that have admin privileges on an organization to authorize Intuition as a GitHub App instead. For more information on the difference between OAuth and GitHub Apps, visit the page on GitHub
Where is my data stored?
Customer data is stored in AWS. All customer data is stored in Postgres and is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
How is my data accessed and who can see it?
Only members of your organization that are specifically invited have access to the data stored in Intuition. There is no public view of your data. All data access requires authentication and is transferred over an SSL connection.